James Clerk Maxwell (1831-79)

A Wi-Fi magician abroad in the Steam Age, a Scottish Steampunk Da Vinci and a hero to Einstein.

"I stood on the shoulders of James Clerk Maxwell"

"One scientific epoch ended and another began with James Clerk Maxwell."

                                  Albert Einstein
The 150th of "A dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field"

One of the key anniversaries to be marked by "International Year of Light 2015" (IYL2015) which will aim to further engagement with and understanding of light and light-based technologies and their place in the modern world. From electricity on demand to lasers and mobile phones light provides the "hidden heartbeat" of the modern world and Maxwell will be recognised for his immense and inspirational role.
In Time of Light - words and music from PJ Moore in celebration of the unsung hero of modern science - Maxwell surely is the greatest, yet least acknowledged, of all the Great Scots
PJ Moore's electronic oratorio for James Clerk Maxwell

Please view clips of songs at bottom of each page, with new clip of "studio mix" of The White Across The Blue marking end of IYL2015UK now posted on Maxwell's Equations page, and see also "diary clip" of Aberdeen University preview for IYL2015.